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Our purchases have varied from generic cost products and services like couriers, printing, telephone systems & phone bills to a complete kit our for our new studio and production premises, sales & staff incentives, travel, vehicle servicing and corporate entertainment, to mention a few.

What is really great about all this is that we get to pay with our spare capacity, which results, firstly in huge cost savings and positive cash flow, secondly in marginal sales to new clients when it suits us most to take it on.

Effectively, Tradefirst is like a bank which gives us an interest free business overdraft to finance expenses and then lets us pay back by doing work for other bank business customers.

We consider ourselves to be among the most professional graphic design, print & corporate branding agencies in Ireland. We are lucky to have some of Ireland’s blue chip companies as our clients and we have expanded organically over the last ten years, however, we would not be without Tradefirst, which has become as integral a function of our business as banking, broadband, sales & marketing or accounting.

Mark Brady – MD.  Square Design & Print  www.square.ie