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At Tradefirst, we understand that as a member or visitor using the Tradefirst Website, the

privacy and the security of your information is very important to you. The purpose of our Privacy

Policy is to outline Tradefirst's practices in this area.

PLEASE NOTE that this Privacy Statement is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Tradefirst

Membership which include the terms and conditions of using this website for visitors and

members. You can read a copy of the Terms and Conditions here.

If there is a conflict between the Terms and Conditions of use, and this Privacy Policy, the Terms

and Conditions of membership shall prevail. Except as otherwise provided, terms used herein and

defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use shall have the same meaning that is given to them in

the Terms and Conditions of membership.

The contents of this Privacy Policy are subject to change and to being updated without notice

from time to time.

The information we collect

As you browse through our Website, our web server collects information about your visit. If you

visit the members area using a generic password, we gather non-personal information and

monitor statistics such as, for example:

- the number of people who visit the Website;

- the date and time of visits;

- the number of pages viewed;

- the amount of time spent on the Website;

This information is anonymous and no attempt is or will be made to identify visitors. However,

we know nothing about these visitors in terms of e-mail addresses or any other personal

information, unless it is voluntarily submitted by the visitor using one of the forms available on

the website.

If you visit the members area using a specific User name and Password, we will gather

information such as the time you visited, the specific pages you visited, the number of times you

visited and the length of time you spent on the website.

We only ask and will only ask for personal information from which you can be identified where

the information is required for particular purposes e.g. applying for a Trade Credit Facility or

where a personal guarantee has been requested to facilitate credit facilities.  Examples of details

that may be sought include your name, home and /or business address, e-mail address, Bank

details and / or reference, Accountants name and contact details, Solicitors name and contact


All information provided to us by you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality in accordance

with all applicable legislative and regulatory standards. If you ever decide that you no longer

wish us to keep or use information or you want the information to be revised or updated, please

feel free to contact us.  We will remove or amend the information as appropriate in accordance

with applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.

Use of 'Cookies'

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of information, stored in simple text files, placed on your computer by a

web site. Cookies can be read by the web site on your subsequent visits. The information stored

in a cookie may relate to your browsing habits on the web page, or a unique identification

number so that the web site can "remember" you on your return visit. Generally speaking,

cookies do not contain personal information from which you can be identified, unless you have

furnished such information to the web site.

Cookies do not in any way compromise the security of your computer.

Visitors can use this Website with no loss of functionality if cookies are disabled from the web


Disclosure of information

Tradefirst will not divulge visitor or member information to a third party unless we have received

customer authorisation OR we are required to do so by law.

Security of information

At Tradefirst, we understand how important the security and confidentiality of your information is

to you. Keeping customer information secure is a top priority for Tradefirst. Our goal is to protect

your information on the Internet in the same way as we would on the phone or by any other

method of communication

Even so, Tradefirst cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of information relating to you

passing over the Internet.

Internet Fraud

A number of financial organisations and their customers have recently been the target of hoax e-

mails that are aimed at gathering Internet/account details of the customers. Some of these hoax

e mails have encouraged or facilitated contact with hoax websites that purport to be (but are

not) the website of the relevant financial organisation. To date the occurrence of such online

fraud has not been extensive. However, we would always advise you to be cautious as regards

disclosing your personal details. In particular, you should note that we will only ever request your

personal details if: (i) you are seeking to initiate e-mail contact with us via this Website; or (ii)

you initiate a request for a particular service via this Website and we require certain of your

personal details to provide you with the requested service and the requested service is an

application for Trade Credit Facilities.


Some of the pages on this Website contain hypertext links to websites not maintained by

Tradefirst. You are reminded that different terms and conditions of use will apply to you as a user

of such websites. In addition such websites may not attain the same privacy standards that

Tradefirst maintains.

If you have any queries regarding this document please call Tradefirst on 1850 200 605 or e mail