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The Benefits
  More of your product - less of your cash - Paying with your product means spending less cash which leads to better cash flow. Tradefirst gives your product / service much greater liquidity. This in turn gives you greater spending power - your purchases need not change - you simply use more of your product and less of your cash.  
  Interest free credit - With Tradefirst's Interest free trade credit facility *, you can buy a variety of needs now within agreed limits and pay later with your product / service. Effectively, Tradefirst offers you interest free credit and then generates extra business for you so you can pay it off.  
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  REDUCE COSTS - Buying with your product / service means buying at a discount  
  By using your product / service you automatically reduce the cash outlay and the net cost on those purchases. This is because your product / service costs you less to supply than its market value, the difference being your gross profit margin.  
  Since Tradefirst charge a transaction fee of 10% on purchases ( no fees are charged on sales ) this must be factored into the equation.  
  Brief example; You have a product / service which has a gross profit margin of 30%. This means that for every €100.00 worth of extra product / service you supply a customer, the additional cost ( materials, labour, distribution etc. ) to you will be €70.00. This means your cost of sales is 70%.  
  You are about to spend £10,000 on printing for a new brochure. If you pay for your printing as normal with cash, the cost to you will be £10,000. However, if you pay with your product / service via your Tradefirst account, the cost to you ( i.e.; cash outlay ) will be;  
  So, you have used £10,000 worth of your own product / service to buy £10,000 worth of printing at a total cost to you of £7,825, representing a net saving of £2,175. Obviously the greater your gross margin is then the greater the savings you will make.  
  Click here for detailed example
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  INCREASE SALES - "You buy from us and we buy from you"  
  Whatever variety of needs you choose to buy through your Tradefirst account, you will pay for them with your own product / service through sales leads generated by Tradefirst's trading department for you.  
  Tradefirst Guarantee that all sales generated for you through your Tradefirst account will be to new customers who have never purchased from you before. Your regular cash or account sales are not affected by Tradefirst. They will not change whether or not you open a Tradefirst account. Your Tradefirst sales are generated only as a result of sales enquiries from the Tradefirst client base.  

Remember, other Tradefirst clients will want to buy from you, not from your competitors because;

1. Like you, they will want to buy on their Tradefirst account and you are a Tradefirst supplier.
2. Most of your competitors are not and will never be Tradefirst suppliers because Tradefirst restricts the number of suppliers within each industry sector to a maximum of 10% in any sector / region. This high level of exclusivity guarantees you extra sales to new customers because the demand for your product / service is automatically channelled in your direction.

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  GET NEW CUSTOMERS - and retain them  
  Whether you want to increase sales generally, target a particular new market sector or have recently launched a new product or service, opening a Tradefirst account means opening a whole new market for you, a market which is not open to most of your competitors. Tradefirst clients both at home and abroad are dedicated to buying within the national and international trade exchange network for the very same set of benefits which would motivate you to do likewise.  
  Is your business burdened with excess or slow moving inventory ?
Is this preventing you from acquiring new stock ?
Are you considering selling at or below cost ?
  STOP! - This can seriously damage credibility with your existing customers and has a negative effect on your balance sheet.  
  WHAT TO DO: - Sell now at or near full market value through Tradefirst, avoid unnecessary discounting and write offs and quickly generate real spending power. Then begin using your Tradefirst credit to buy products and services you would otherwise have spent cash on.  
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  Can you identify spare production / distribution capacity in your business? You cannot sell yesterdays hotel rooms today. You cannot sell last months advertising space this month and you cannot put ten extra pallets on a truck that left Germany half empty last week. This is spare capacity, but more importantly, it represents lost revenue. It is money down the drain.  
  As a Tradefirst client you will have a dedicated Trade Co coordinator who will help you identify the spare capacity within your organization, actively promote your services to new customers and help you spend the sales credit generated through your Tradefirst account. Set up a Tradefirst account today and start generating new business tomorrow.  
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