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Whether you want to try a simple leaflet drop in your area, launch a nationwide radio or outdoor campaign or become a serious contender in the virtual world of the internet, using Tradefirst to buy advertising, marketing, promotions and brand development means big cash savings, a huge competitive advantage and can lift your business to a whole new level.
Having the facility to buy a whole range of media now and pay later with your own product or service has enormous benefits in itself – Firstly you are spending much less cash now so the impact on cash flow is significantly reduced. Secondly, paying with your product or service costs you less than the equivalent value in cash so your marketing costs are also reduced.
“ Half of my advertising doesn’t work, I just don’t know which half ”.
- John Wanamaker.

For small businesses with limited budgets, experimenting with new advertising or promotional channels can be risky. No matter how targeted a campaign may appear, there is no guarantee that it will produce a return on investment.

That is why buying media on Tradefirst is about much more than just saving money - because the cost and impact on cash flow is significantly reduced, the risk is also reduced. This allows you to experiment and test new advertising and marketing methods that you would otherwise not risk a cash budget on.

Your competitors will still be spending hard earned cash on advertising, marketing and promotions, while, as a Tradefirst Member, you can buy the same or similar media on Trade first’s unique interest free credit facility – buy now – pay later - with your stock or
spare capacity.

The variety of media products and services available on Tradefirst is ever changing, evolving and growing. Becoming a Tradefirst Member will give you access to these new and unique opportunities to grow your business.

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