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About Us
Welcome to Tradefirst, Ireland's Business to Business Trade Exchange.
Established in 2003, Tradefirst is Irelands business to business Trade Exchange with offices in Dublin and Limerick and a client base of over 600 businesses spanning almost every sector of Irish Industry.

As a trade exchange, Tradefirst is effectively a contemporary barter exchange for businesses which has been tailored to fit in with modern business processes and to be both tax compliant and efficient.
  Tradefirst offers it's members the unique facility of being able to buy a wide range of needs now and pay later with their own products or services over time in the form of marginal sales to other Tradefirst members. The primary benefits are: Significantly reduced dependency on cash, hence better cash flow, reduced costs by paying with your products and increased sales to new customers.  
  Cash flow V Growth - The most common barrier to expansion for small and medium sized businesses is cash flow. Even established companies have restricted budgets, particularly in relation to advertising and marketing. By contrast, most have a flexible supply of their product or service ( spare capacity ) and a medium to high gross profit margin. So it would make sense then, to use spare capacity or stock instead of cash to buy needs / supplies where possible, ie: to barter or convert your spare capacity or stock into real buying power.  
Unfortunately, reliance on the traditional barter / contra model or direct exchange has meant that these opportunities have been very limited. Recognizing the opportunity for a professional brokerage facility and flexible trading system that would be user friendly for any business, Tradefirst have taken this ancient concept of barter and brought it into the 21st century. By combining the old practice of exchanging goods for goods or services with...
Modern banking technology – which avoids the restrictions of direct exchange or contra between members
Hundreds of dedicated Irish member companies. - restricted by numbers per sector / region.
A simple to use, Revenue approved accounting system - compatible with all accounts packages.
A dedicated exchange currency - The Trade Euro ( TR€ )™ tied in value to the Euro
A fully interactive on-line trading system.
A professional brokerage facility,
  Tradefirst can offer your business a highly powerful combined sales, marketing, cost control and cash flow solution.  
  Browse through our site and discover how your business can quickly; generate new clients and sales, reduce costs and cash expenditure, improve cash flow and your bottom line by opening a Tradefirst account.