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NEW! Growtrade.ie - Target Ireland's Gardening, Ho

Growtrade.ie is Ireland’s online magazine and news service for buyers; specifiers and professionals in the garden, landscape, amenity, retail and sportsturf sectors.

Updated daily, Growtrade.ie delivers its content through four channels:

Retail – focusing on garden centres and related retail outlets
Horticulture – aimed at growers, nurseries and other horticulture professionals
Landscape – for landscape, arboriculture and other professionals
Sports & Parks – maintenance professionals, groundskeepers and golf greenkeepers

Growtrade has been developed by MediaTeam, the publishers behind the hugely successful IRISH GARDEN magazine and website GARDEN.IE

Now you have the opportunity to target the big decision makers and buyers within this vast industry.

35% discount on advertising for Tradefirst Members - valid until December 31st 2016